I'm deanna mason

Rest Consultant for Mom Entrepreneurs


Helping mom entrepreneurs exchange an over-committed lifestyle with one filled with rest.

Creator of Refreshed Moms & the Refreshed Moms Prayer Room App

The #1 Prayer and Faith App for mom entrepreneurs, the Refreshed Moms Prayer Room App helps you pause, disconnect from the busy of business building and family management in order to make room for God's voice as he leads you in your work.

In order to sustain your work, you must learn to rest, refill, and refresh.

Are you ready to experience a new reality where you:

  • Rhythmically plan and execute times to refill and rest?

  • Consistently connect with God and how he's leading you to work?

  • Know how to design a business that creates financial fulfillment without burning out in the process?

  • Are confident, clear, and aligned with the business your heart desires to create?

  • Make room for all the parts of your life that are important?

Then you're in the right place.

The Refreshed Moms Prayer Room App

The #1 Prayer & Faith App for mom entrepreneurs. Available on iOS and Android.

The Well-Rested Gathering

This is a LIVE gathering where mom entrepreneurs can work together on creating a slower lifestyle, recover from burn-out, make room to connect with God in deeper ways, and trade an over-functioning life for a well rested one.

The Refreshed Moms Podcast

I'm creating a rest MOVEMENT as I help you trade in a busy life for one that is well rested.

The Refreshed Moms Facebook Group

This is my free community for mom entrepreneurs where we focus on creating habits to support consistent rest and staying connected to God as we work.

About Me

I'm the host of Refreshed Moms Podcast and Founder of Refreshed Moms, where I helps moms who feel called to more find fulfillment in their work while creating the rest and refreshment rhythms needed to sustain it.

Through an app created just for mom entrepreneurs and a Well-Rested Sisterhood Gathering, I'll help you create and sustain habits that make room for your faith, business, family, and all the parts of you that breathe life into your day in order for you to serve the people God has called you to serve from a place of overflow instead of overwhelm.

Online Resources

Prayers for Mompreneurs

Pray for your business during your morning quiet time with these powerful, targeted prayers.

The Faith First Morning

If you have 15 minutes in your morning, you can use this devotion, guided prayer, scripture meditation, and play list to connect with God and set your day.

If you have any questions about working with me, booking me for workshops, collaborating, or anything else, just complete this form and I’ll connect with you.