I ask for you to help me be a good steward over my time.

You know all of the things I’m responsible for.

My children, my marriage, my home, my work, my local communities – all of them are important to me, and all of them require time.

Trying to give my time to all of these things can be exhausting.

And, my business is what usually takes a back seat to all of my other responsibilities.

But, I want my business to thrive, so I am praying for your help with managing my time.

I know balancing everything is not possible, but integrating all the parts of my life that matter is.

So today, I ask for you to help me create a plan of action for only the things I need to focus on today.

As I get quiet before you, show me all of the family, business, and community tasks that require my attention this week.

(Take a moment to sit quietly, listen, and write down the tasks for the week that come to mind.)

From these tasks, Father, help me identify the ones that should be prioritized today.

(Take a moment to look through your list and identify the priority tasks just for today.)

Help me to gracefully move through the tasks that I’ve chosen for today, pushing through procrastination, as well as distractions that try to steal my time.

And with that same grace, help me to release any feelings of guilt around what may not get done from my list.

I invite your sweet divine rhythms into my life today, for myself and my family.

Thank you Father. I love you.



Ephesians 5:15-17 

Luke 14:28

Proverbs 21:5 

Proverbs 16:9