I know that this work you’ve called me into cannot be accomplished by myself alone. I need other people in order to help more people. I need other people in order to continue to market my work.

I need to nurture relationships in order to lock arms with partners. I need to lift someone else’s work up and help them move forward in their business. Without these God-connections, I know I can only go so far.

And the people you desire me to connect with need me as well. So today, I pray for divine business relationships. Connect me with people that can benefit from my gifts, and show me how to serve their communities.

Keep my heart focused on getting them what they need in order for them to shine. Show me how to get their work in front of my audience and in front of others that have been looking for THEM.

Let the doors organically open for every individual relationship, and let us each nurture it with your love. Guide my heart to these special connections, and let us both work together in peace, mutual respect, and desire for each other to succeed.

Eliminate any temptation for me to compare myself to them. Let their work only inspire me to be better and to do better for you and for my people. Grow each and every collaborators’ business beyond what they could ever ask for or imagine, and let our work together bless both of us financially.

Thank you Lord for heaven-sent collaboration opportunities. I will work hard to steward them with compassion, integrity, honesty, and character.



Luke 16:9

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Romans 14:19