You know that I desire to create income around my work. But sometimes I feel nervous about selling, and sometimes I get confused about where my motives should lay.

Is it OK to want wealth and income as a result of my work?

Although I desire to make money, I don’t desire for it to be the driving force behind my business.

I love to create in my business, it fulfills me and brings me joy. I love it when something I create brings someone else joy or transforms their life – whether in a small or significant way.

And I know that the gifts you’ve given me to serve with my business are ultimately for your glory.

But, I know you know that being financially fulfilled is important to me too. So Father, this is my prayer: Let me always see YOU first before I see money. Let my heart always bow down to YOUR voice before I sell. Let my flesh bow down when you tell me to GIVE FOR FREE instead of charge for my service. Let my trust in YOUR provision always trump my ability to generate revenue.

But…Allow me to be smart, savvy, aware, and discerning. Show me how to value my expertise and my time in a way that protects my emotional health.

Allow making money to come easy so I’m not wondering where money will come from. Let my financial abundance open even more doors for my giving. And never let me ignore your instructions or guidance in the name of being a savvy salesperson. 

Let me see money the way you see money. And let my default always be God 1st. Service 2nd. Sales 3rd.

Thank You Father.



Psalm 139 (entire chapter)

1 Corinthians 10:31

Colossians 3:17

1 Peter 4:11