The Refreshed Moms Bible Study

A Refreshed Moms Meetup for Entrepreneurs


A Refreshed Moms Bible Study is where mom entrepreneurs can work together on creating a slower lifestyle, recover from burn-out, make room to connect with God in deeper ways, and trade over-functioning for rest.

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Take a business breath...

  • Do you struggle with staying consistent with your faith practices?
  • Do you desire to take more time off?
  • Would you like to vacation more?
  • Do you need to eat better but struggle with finding the time to do it?
  • Do you feel like you're doing too much in your business?

The Refreshed Moms Bible Study will support you in creating healthier, more consistent rhythms of rest so you can serve your family and the people God is calling you to serve from a place of overflow instead of over-function.

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The next Refreshed Moms Bible Study – Saturday, February 20 from 10am to 12pm ET.

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