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“Who is Deanna and why can she help me in my business?”

I'm glad you asked!

Refreshed Moms began in 2018, right after I spent 3 years on a business “hiatius.” You see, after running a non-profit and magazine publishing company for 8 years, I had totally burned out.

I spent 8 years running my business my way – striving for my definition of success and doing waaaaay too much. I knew that in order for things to be different this time around, I had to do things differently.

TRUTH: running a business is not just about sales and income. If you allow yourself, you can learn all of the marketing skill needed to get your magic to the people God has called you to. But, you also have to make sure you're taking care of other vital priorities, such as your faith, self-care, emotional wellness, and being present for the people you love. Without this, no matter how much money you make, it won't be sustainable.

And there was no way I could do this without a marketing strategy that allowed me to be available for my family and my self-care.

So, I studied and tried out different approaches, and now I've created a proven way to build out a business to consistent 4-figure months.

I want to teach you the same thing.

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