Forgiveness 30-Day Bible Study

A Study, Pray, & Rest Level 1 Inductive Bible Study.
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As believers, we're called to forgive...

The most remarkable example of forgiveness is, of course, the fact that our sins were forgiven through Jesus’s great sacrifice on the cross.

And as a disciple of Jesus, we’re also called to forgive.

Our human nature, however, is not one that concedes to this readily. 

This is why we need the word of God to wash us in order to create a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. 

We’re called to forgive those that we love as well as our enemies – how great a love is this?

But here’s what I know – there’s no way we can walk in the forgiveness Jesus modeled without his help.

We can decide to be a person who forgives, but we cannot will it into our reality.

We must allow the word of God to change us, over and over again, as we discover the true nature and character of God’s forgiveness through the holy scriptures.

The Forgiveness 30-Day Bible Study

Using my Scripture Writing Plan on Forgiveness, I’ll help you take a daily look into the word of God in order to cultivate your Christ-like identity of forgiving others.

Each lesson will take no more than 15 minutes, which makes fitting in inductive study a bit easier within your day.

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