Can you sit in 10-minutes of silence with God?

In the month of July, the Spiritual Rest with Refreshed Moms Group practiced the art of a 10-Minute Silent Retreat with God.

Each day, a few of us committed to carving out 10 minutes in our day to quietly consider our daily scripture (visit my scripture writing plans to download this month's topic focus).

As we journeyed together, a couple of questions arose from group members about how to hear God speaking in the midst of the silence. Questions like, “Will I actually hear God's voice? What should I expect?”

In this video I'll share just a few thoughts and tips regarding hearing God's voice and exercising the muscle of sitting in stillness and quietness.

If you’re ready to plan a break on your terms while enjoying a spiritually renewing experience virtually, then the Refreshed Moms Spiritual Rest Mini-Sabbatical was made for you.

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