Needle Movers for Social Equity


Moving the needle of social equity by closing the gap between the American majority population & people of color in education, personal finance, and community.

Our desire is to come alongside schools, churches, organizations, corporations, and communities in order to help them create and sustain cultures and practices that support racial equality.

Because this is such a tremendous undertaking, we’ve chosen to focus on closing the equity gap in three areas: Education, Income & Personal Finance, and Bridging Community.

Education Equality

  • Provide support to schools, educators, and parents to close academic gaps.
  • Provide diversity and inclusion training opportunities.
  • Help schools develop and implement a culture of diversity and inclusion by providing long-term support.

Income Equality

  • Employment identification and readiness programs.
  • Salary negotiation training.
  • Entrepreneurship training.
  • Wealth building programs.
  • Diversity & Inclusion training/long-term support for employers.

Community Bridging

  • Closing the communication gap between the majority popuation and people of color.
  • Create opportunities for safe small group discussions.
  • Empower small groups to mobilize around our equity pillars within their local communities.

“I believe that with God, we can significantly close the equality gap in America one person and one community at a time.” 

Deanna Mason

Needle Movers Founder & Executive Director

“How can I help my kids and grandkids be better than just ‘good?' Thank you for doing this.” ~M. Blase

“We need to teach our kids how to identify bias and what to do with it!” ~L. Bonnema

“So many of us want to deny it (racism) and pretend that it doesn't exist. This is real and serious. We have to tackle it. And it starts with US!” ~S. Abete

Here's where we're starting:

Needle Movers Membership Group

The Needle Movers Membership Group is the hub of our mobility efforts as well as a core revenue builder for the organization. This is where Needle Movers will learn, receive training, generate safe conversations within small group discussions, and receive mobilization plans that can be executed within their local communities.

Monthly Donors

 Our start up revenue model includes financial partnerships with individuals and organizations. Our year 1 goal is $50,000 in order to support our initial budget needs. For a detailed explanation of our goals and itemized budget line items, watch the replay of our first Information Meeting.

Plans for Partnerships with Schools, Churches, and Organizations

Working alongside those serving within the community is our goal. Our desire is to help those that desire to develop a culture of diversity and inclusion implement strategies to close the gaps within education, income, and relationships between the majority population and people of color.

Become a financial partner with Needle Movers.

Thank you to all who donated to our December 2020 initiative to obtain our non-profit status with the state of Georgia. We did it! 

Support our 2021 goal of growing our efforts around education with a one-time donation, or become a monthly partner below.

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