The Refreshed Moms Prayer Room App

The #1 Prayer & Faith App for Mom Entrepreneurs

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Receive annual access to all of the app's updates and new materials for $19.99.

You can connect deeply with God in short periods of time.

Do you struggle with fitting Bible study into your day?

Do you often feel mentally exhausted from business building?

Are you feeling disconnected from God as you work?

Would you like to incorporate God into your business with more intention?

Do you need daily reassurance that God is leading the way?

What if... could step away from the busy of your day for just a few minutes in order to reset?

...inserting God into your work felt seamless?

...connecting with God for 5 to 10 minutes each morning could carry you through your work? could listen to or read devotions that supported your needs as an entrepreneur? could stop feeling guilty about the time you're not spending with God?

Sometimes you need a place to pause, disconnect from the noise and reconnect with God, and the Refreshed Moms Prayer Room was created to help you do it.

Inside the app you'll receive:

Guided prayers

We all need help finding the words to pray around our work and all it takes to be a mom entrepreneur. Our guided prayers will help you pray intential prayers for your business, yourself, and your family.

Mompreneur-focused devotions

Read or listen to a devotion plan written especially for mom business owners.

Scripture meditations

Steal away for a moment to allow God's Word wash over you as you listen to a topical scripture meditation - the only words you'll hear are those read from the Bible.

Mindfulness meditations

Staying self-aware of your needs is an important part of your self-care. You'll have opportunities to get still and connect with God and yourself with mindfulness exercises.

Faith-filled play lists.

Work the day away while listening to inspiring words from our selection of play lists.

Refreshing recipes

Physical Rest also includes nourishing your body with foods that give you energy, health, and stamina. I'm sharing recipes for healthy meals, fun snacks, and drinks to insert into your day so your body can rest well.

New prayers, devotions, meditations, and recipes are added regularly - which means more opportunities for you to rest & refresh spiritually.

"I really enjoy the scripture tracks and the meditation tracksI studied about customer service in the Bible! I never would have done that on my own. I've spent more time in quiet reflection this week, and had the time to put Him first with the Prayer Room Resources”  ~Christy Thomas, Everyday Motherhood Podcast

"I like that there are two ways to digest the materials: audio and readable - it's good having a mix of both. I also like that the Prayer Room covers areas not only concerning business, but materials for our well-being as a mom." Vanessa Filmore, Bonded by Love

"I downloaded the Prayer Room for my own self-growth and inspiration. I'm working on being a better me. Taunya Kennedy, Financial Literacy Advisor

Download the app on iOS or Android for $19.99 (annual).