A 4-month guided program for mom entrepreneurs to burnout-proof their business.

I'll teach you how to structure your business in a way that makes room for breaks and sabbaticals without losing revenue while you rest.

Overcommitment. Exhaustion. Burnout.

Those words can be uttered from a mom entrepreneur on any given day.

Running a business is hard work no matter who you are. But, add in a couple of kids playing LEGOS under your desk while you host a Zoom call… yeah… that's next level hard right there.

Moms experience entrepreneurship differently, and because of this, we tend to be prime candidates for business burnout or shutting our doors within the first 2 years of business.

“Most mom entrepreneurs are just one family emergency away from needing to step away from their business.” ~Deanna


The problem is, most can't.

But you need to be able to, because right now

✔️ You're scared to step away from social media because you fear losing momentum.

✔️ You're afraid to take a lengthy break from your business because when you stop, your business stops.

 ✔️ You have difficulty being fully present with your kids.

✔️ You're feeling guilty about not spending the time you desire to spend with God.

 ✔️ You're spinning your wheels working but not making consistent income… or any income.

✔️ You're tired.


Does any of this hit home for your right now?

Listen, I was that mom.

And I know moms are struggling with these things every day, which is exactly why I created the Refreshed Moms Business Reset.

Because I deeply understand the needs of the overcommitted, burned out mom, you'll pick up the tools you need to:

  • Take sabbaticals and time off without losing income.

  • Restructure your business in a way that fits your time capacity.

  • Create consistent habits around Bible study and prayer.

  • Feel rested and refreshed as an entrepreneur.

  • Work less hours and pay yourself more.

You can live a life free of business burnout while getting paid to do the work you love.

And the Refreshed Moms Business Reset will help you do it.

What is the Refreshed Moms Business Reset?

The Reset is a 4-month guided experience for mom entrepreneurs that feel like they're on the verge of business burnout, or moms desiring to structure their business in a way that will make income while they are resting or on sabbatical.

We focus on these three main areas:

Your rest habits.

Your burnout recovery.

Restructuring your business for paid breaks & long-term sustainability.

The ultimate goal is to rest well, work less, and get paid more.

“Deanna is everything you could possibly want in a business mentor. She is, of course, strategic and business smart, but she is also full of heart. With her sharp guidance, I was able to more than double my list size in a week, reaching thousands of my ideal clients.

If success to you means serving your people with integrity while earning money using your gifts, Deanna is your woman!”

Tosha Schore

Your Partner in Parenting Boys

“After losing all of my business as a musician during the pandemic, Deanna showed me how to completely book my calendar with private online clients – doubling my previous income!”

Now, she's helping me scale my business with my first digital course – I sold 5 courses in less than 2 weeks… and it was my first try!”

Jennifer Bliss

Musician & Guitar Instructor

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What will I receive?

Your program includes access to these 5 Refreshed Moms Courses.

Immediate Burnout Recovery – Plan a 2-week break.

Maybe you need to make time to press pause and take a break from work right now. And that's OK. This course will show you how to prepare your business for a 2-week break without sacrificing business growth… and without hiring extra help.

Create Your Rest Plan

This course will lead you through the 7 ways of rest that allow you to step away from work when you need a break, and I'll help you identify the type of rest necessary for you to truly recover and refresh.

Design Your Dream Week

Give yourself permission to work part-time hours without sacrificing full-time income. I'll show you how to design a work week that is sustainable for your life season, but effective enough to generate full-time income.

Trim Your Business

In this course, you'll eliminate the tasks that are not needed and understand exactly where your time and energy should be focused in order to maximize the hours you've designated for work.

Business Automation & Delegation

I'll share my systems of marketing and income-building automation, I'll teach you how to build yours, and we'll talk about who your first team member hire should be, including how to affordably add them to your team. Your automation and delegation systems are the magic key to being able to step away from your business to…


…take maternity leave.

…take a social media breather.

…write the book you've been wanting to write.

…take a vacation.

…explore other interests.

…spend more time with your family.

…spend more time resting.

So, your progression could look something like this:

Month 1

Focus on your rest & burnout recovery.

Month 2

Restructure your work week, eliminate unnecessary tasks and prioritize income-producing activities.

Months 3 & 4

Create your Marketing and Income-Building Systems around 1 to 2 offers.

You can start with burnout recovery, or jump right into business restructuring. It's all up to you and what you need right now.

You won't do this alone.

You'll also receive these opportunities for guided support:

  • 2 Group Office Hours Calls each month

  • 1 Monthly Facebook Office Hours Q&A Thread

  • Targeted coaching calls for key aspects of your business restructure (i.e. writing sales copy, planning your email nurture sequences, and solidifying your signature customer transformation framework.)

  • Accountability support from your fellow group members.

“Deanna has a wealth of business knowledge, but what sets her apart is her expertise around work-life balance. I recommend her to any mom looking to start their own business.”

Lisa Bush

Working Mom Wellness Podcast

“Deanna helped me realize that because I take more time to rest, my work is more productive.”

Michelle Weidenbenner

Chief Hope Builder, Moms of Addicted Loved Ones Membership


2 programs for the price of one!

Once you've made room for the rest you need, you're going to be ready to work.

Here's the thing – I'm not going to let you sacrifice your new and improved rest habits in the name of entrepreneurship.

You're not going back to business as usual.

Now, it's time to plug in the right tools to create the paycheck you desire… while working part-time hours.

And I've got you covered.

As a member of the Refreshed Moms Business Reset, and because of my special partnership with my friend Dana Malstaff of Boss Mom, you'll receive access to the Nurture to Convert Society which will show you how to build to full-time income in 15 hours a week.

What is the Nurture to Convert Society?

The Nurture To Convert Society is an experience that goes beyond “building a business.”

It's about creating a financially rewarding, time-freedom-based lifestyle doing work that lights you up and puts motherhood and the kiddos first.

You'll have access to 42+ courses, including Dana's amazing 90-Day Email Nurture System – which is a vital component to building a business that converts financially in just 15 hours a week.

It's exactly what moms need to build businesses that they can sustain without burnout.

You need both healthy rest rhythms and smart business building to make mom entrepreneurship work.

You'll get both with this program.

Two magical programs in one. Two ways to invest.

Just choose which option makes this experience most accessible to you.

So, tell me… why can Deanna help me with burnout?

I spent years running my business my way – striving for my definition of success and doing waaaaay too much. I knew that in order for things to be different this time around, I had to do things differently.

TRUTH: running a business is not just about sales and income. If you allow yourself, you can learn all of the marketing skill needed to get your magic to the people God has called you to. But, you also have to make sure you're taking care of other vital priorities, such as your faith, self-care, emotional wellness, and being present for the people you love. Without this, no matter how much money you make, it won't be sustainable.

And there was no way I could run a business and support my family without an approach to rest that created consistent, trusted rhythms of pouring in and pouring out.

Now, after years of practice and a life filled with opportunities to refill and refresh while creating consistent full-time income in part-time hours (in just a little over 1 year) I've outlined strategies that work for not just me but for moms everywhere.

And I want to teach you how I do it.

Who is this program perfect for?

You're a great fit for the Refreshed Moms Business Reset if:

  • You'd like to forecast a 2 – 4-week break in the near future.

  • You have not yet made at least $2k – $3k each month in your business consistently.

  • You feel like you're going to quit if something doesn't change.

  • Your business is at least 6 months to a year old.

  • You're able to work 10-15 hours a week.

  • You're able to focus on selling 1 to 2 offers.

  • You desire to use online tools to automate your marketing and income generation.


Q: I haven't started my business yet but I'm ready to. Can I still join?

A: Yes you can – I'll teach you everything you need to get things started and ready to go, just give yourself the time and grace to get in touch with the dream in your heart and how to package it into a marketable offer. I'll help you do it.

Q: Is this membership a good fit for product-based businesses, or only for service-based ones?

A: My approach will work with both product and service-based businesses.

Q: Is the program a good fit for Direct Sales and MLM companies?

A: My marketing approach is different than traditional ones taken with Direct Sales/MLM companies, but it will most definitely work. If you're willing to step away from the traditional approaches and try something new, this will work for you.

Q: How long do I have access to the Refreshed Moms Courses?

A: You will have access to the Refreshed Moms Courses as long as you're a part of the program.

Q: How long will I have access to the Nurture to Convert Society?

A: You will have access to the Nurture to Convert Society during your 4-month Refreshed Moms Reset Program.

Q: What is the refund policy for the Refreshed Moms Program?

A. If you're unsatisfied with the program for any reason, you have 14 days from your enrollment date to cancel your program and receive a refund of your first payment.  You will also forfeit your access to the Nurture to Convert Society.

Here's what more amazing women are saying about Refreshed Moms:

“Being introduced to the concept of being a Refreshed Mom and the idea that I can begin to work from a place of rest has totally transformed the way I do business.”

Raquila D'nai Smith

Mommy Couch Confessions Podcast

You can approach your business, your faith, and your family from a place of rest. I'll help you do it in the Refreshed Moms Business Reset.

Enroll below to begin.