Scripture: Isaiah 64:8

But now, O Lord, You are our Father, we are the clay, and You our potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand.

When you first think about the idea of surrendering yourself to God, what comes to mind?

For me, my thoughts immediately turn to things like volunteering at my local church or in my community.

Maybe even missions work.

Use me oh Lord for your kingdom!

But rarely do my thoughts start with surrendering around how I consider and think about myself.

I don’t seem to consider me – my heart, soul, emotions, and physical body as the work of His hand.

And I’m not sure why I think of service before I think of the vessel that offers up the service.

But that’s what I tend to do.

What does it look like to consider my body as a living sacrifice?

What does it look like to allow God to shape the creation called “Deanna?”

All of the rest – you have to surrender.

But, as you do, you can lean on God to show you how to generate abundant, stable income.

You can have a personal income goal. God is completely fine with that.

Ask Him to walk with you as you work towards your goal – because your desires and goals matter to Him.

Also, know that you're worthy to be paid fairly and make money for your work.

Ask God to show you the way.

To guide each and every step.

Ask Him to bring your perfect-fit customers to you, and bring you to them.

Ask Him to help you help them by serving up such high value.

Ask Him to fill you with patience and release all expectations and time frames around income to His divine plan.

Keep your head down in focused consistency, your knees bent in prayer, and your heart inclined towards service.

Trust God to increase you financially. Day to day. Week to week. Month to month. Year to year.

And completely surrender every part of your business over to Him.

Journal Prompt: Write down your current income goal, then write a prayer to God around reaching that goal. He truly cares about you in this way, so talk with Him about the income your heart desires.
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