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Listen, I want to continue to help you nurture your healthy rest habits to help resist burnout.

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The Refreshed Moms App

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“I really enjoy the scripture and meditation tracks. I studied about customer service in the Bible! I never would have done that on my own. I've spent more time in quiet reflection this week, and had the time to put Him first with the Refreshed Mom App.”

Christy Thomas

Keep Calm and Mother On Podcast

“I like that there are two ways to digest the materials, audio and reading – it's good having a mix of both. I also like that the app covers areas not only concerning business, but materials for our well-being as a mom.”

Vanessa Filmore

Bonded by Love

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It's an amazing app to help you spiritually rest around topics specific to being a mom entrepreneur.

  • Guided prayers for your business.

  • Devotions on business topics for mom entrepreneurs.

  • Let the words of the Bible wash over you by listening to a scripture meditation.

  • Mindfulness meditations to keep you in tune with your feelings and needs.

  • Enjoy faith-filled playlists while you work.

  • Devour comforting, nourishing recipes to enjoy while you rest.

  • New resources added regularly to help you integrate spiritual rest into your day.

Who is Deanna, and why can she help me in my business journey?

Great question, I'm glad you asked.

Refreshed Moms began in 2018, right after I spent 3 years on a business “hiatus.” You see, after running a non-profit and magazine publishing company for 8 years, I had totally burned out.

I spent 8 years running my business my way – striving for my definition of success and doing waaaaay too much. I knew that in order for things to be different this time around, I had to do things differently.

TRUTH: running a business is not just about sales and income. If you allow yourself, you can learn all of the marketing skill needed to get your magic to the people God has called you to. But, you also have to make sure you're taking care of other vital priorities, such as your faith, self-care, emotional wellness, and being present for the people you love. Without this, no matter how much money you make, it won't be sustainable.

And there is no way I could do any of this well without consistent connection with God.

Now, as I journey with God in my work, I allow Him to guide my tasks, my projects and my creativity, which helps me eliminate the noise, remove the clutter, and focus on the things that matter the most. In doing so, He has faithfully kept me profitable and growing, and I rely completely on Him as He helps me support my community in doing the same thing.

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